Everything You Need To Know About Perlis

Perlis has a history dating back to 1800. The northern gateway to Malaysia, it is flanked by Kedah in the south and Thailand in the North. It covers 795 sq km and features a sprawling countryside characterised by paddy plains and interspersed with rustic villages, limestone outcrops and serene lakes. Multiracial and blessed with numerous natural attractions, it lays claim to the country's only semi-deciduous forest and fascinating caves.

Visits to fruit farms and plantations are not to be missed such as mango, grape, sugar cane and paddy thrive on the fertile Perlis soil. Sample a pace of life that is unhurried in Kangar, the state capital. Here, you will find historical buildings such as the 97 year-old Syed Alwi Mosque. Close by is Arau, the royal town.

Perlis State Park, Kaki Bukit

Comprising Mata Ayer and Wang Mu permanent forest reserves, Perlis State Park is home of the country's longest continuous range of limestone hills, called the Nakawan Range. The semi-deciduous White Meranti-Gerutu Seasonal Forest is also located here as well as caves with different levels of difficulty. Some rare and endemic plant and wildlife species can also be found here.

Padang Besar, Bintong

A quaint border town, Padang Besar is one of the country's premier shopping destinations where a wide range of products can be purchased, from clothing to duty-free goods. The town has two main shopping hubs, Padang Besar Arcade and the duty-free Emas Kerajang Complex.

Rimba Herba, Bukit Air

Comprising 12 hectares of lush vegetation, Rimba Herba is home to over 1,000 plant species with various beneficial properties. Guided tours are available to take you around the herbal garden, enabling you to learn more about the plants available here. Rimba Herba is one of the few places in Malaysia where you can find a rare Sehelai Setahun, a plant that produces only one leaf just once a year.

Kota Kayang Museum, Kuala Perlis

The Kota Kayang Museum was built on historical grounds, where an ancient palace used to stand. The breath-taking limestone hills in the background once served the purpose of an effective barrier against enemy attacks. The museum features an impressive collection of relics and artefacts.

Gua Kelam Recreational Park, Kaki Bukit

Situated within the town of Kaki Bukit, Gua Kelam Recreational Park's main attraction is a 370m show cave called Gua Kelam or Dark Cave. Well-lit with a hanging bridge that leads through it, the cave is filled with interesting limestone formations and cave-dwelling bats. The cave was once a prime spot for tin mining. Remnants of this activity can still be seen until today.

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