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  • Tourism in Malaysia

    A Celebration of Diverse Cultures & Traditions

    Discover the Unique, Warm & Vibrant Malaysian Hospitality

Why Travel to Malaysia?

Why Travel to Malaysia?

Whether you're backpacking, going on an adventure with your friends or travelling with your family, Malaysia will be the perfect destination for your next holiday.

  • A melting-pot of Asian cultures and more - all in one place - with political stability, racial harmony and genuinely warm people. English and several Asian languages are widely spoken.

  • An array of historical and modern buildings standing side-by-side with sophisticated infrastructure, transportation networks and telecommunications.

  • A wealth of natural beauty - home to hundreds of beautiful islands and rated among the top 10 diving sites in the world. All under a mild, tropical weather all year round.

  • A whole host of activities to indulge in - golfing, fishing, angling, sailing, mountain climbing, rafting, birdwatching - the sky is the limit.

  • Asia's Food Paradise with an enormous range of gastronomical delights, international cuisines and unique tropical fruits.

  • Limitless shopping options and duty-free offerings as well as many nightlife places to chill out.

  • A wide range of accommodation options, from homestays to five-star hotels.